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Looking for a professional company to double glaze your sash windows? Call today on

01865 513113


A guide to getting your work done with
Oxford Sash Window Co

  1. Have a look through our website, we were the first solely Sash Window Renovation/Draught-proofing Company established, and hence our website address: www.sashwindow.co.uk, we have been setting the trend and standard for the last 25 years
  2. Telephone us for advice and any initial questions on Oxford (01865) 513113 or if you prefer e-mail us on oxfordsashwindows@gmail.com
  3. After any initial questions we can book a convenient time to meet you at your house to survey your windows and doors and answer any further questions
  4. During our meeting and survey we can advise you on all your possible options for saving energy, whether:
    • it is best to renovate and draught-proof your existing windows and doors
    • double-glazing is required
    • to use standard double-glazed units or slim line double-glazed units
    • secondary glazing is an option
  5. We can also answer any other questions you have, for example on:
    • Glazing types
      • U-Values (a measure of heat loss through a window and various glass and double-glazed units)
      • Standard Units – 4:6:4mm, 4:12:4mm, 4:16:4mm, Argon gas, Pilkington K glass (hardcoat), Planitherm softcoat glass
      • Slim line Units – 4:4:4mm 4:6:4mm Xenon gas Warm spacers bars
      • Audio-screen soundproofing units
      • Victorian sheet glass for Listed and Conservation area properties
    • Buildings Regulations
    • 5% VAT on all draught-proofing works
    • Guarantees
    • Our workshops, situated near Oxford
  6. You will then receive an itemised and detailed quotation with all the various work options available and possible on each window
  7. On receiving the quote you can then decide (cherry pick), in your own time, the amount of work you would like to continue with, as much or as little as you like, or you can try us out with a small amount of work before deciding on more
  8. You then send in your quotation having marked the work you would like to continue with
  9. On receiving your order, you will receive back a confirmation of order and we will then contact you to book a convenient time to carry out the work

The work in your house

Your property will always be secure, the existing windows that are being renovated/draught-proofed are reinstalled, or the new windows are installed and secure by the afternoon.

The majority of our work is carried out from the inside, as sashes are removed internally from a box-frame window.

Your house will be protected with dust sheets throughout from your entrance door to the rooms where work is occurring. It will be regularly cleared during the work and at the end of each day.

Our work ethic and staff:

Oxford Sash Windows work ethic is to do the best and most effective work possible, in the most efficient way, and with the least disruption to you - we are now past masters at this.

Oxford Sash Window staff are skilled, neat, tidy and efficient.

The main Oxford Sash Window craftsmen have been with the company since we started and have now faced any possible challenges, so you are in safe hands.

Oxford Sash Window staff are not paid by the amount of work they complete in a day or a week, i.e. ‘piece work’ – this is skilled work and piece work can lead to a culture of cutting corners and the focus of the work being on the money earned (e.g. equalling the number of windows draught-proofed or installed), rather than on the quality of the work itself, - we don’t work slowly but the work we do requires skill, attention to detail, and making sure it is done correctly, this leads to pride in the work completed and to job satisfaction.