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While renovating we can also install quality:

  • Fasteners:
    Brighton, Quadrant, Beehive, Fitch
  • Stays
  • Lifting handles
  • Pull downs
  • Restictors / security locks
  • Replacement glazing:
    Victorian Sheet, Float, Safety, Audioscreen

After we have finished, your windows will not only be draught-proofed, they will operate ‘like a dream’. Call

01865 513113


Renovating and Draught-proofing existing sash windows, casements and doors

Let us renovate your existing sash windows and draught-proof them to glide freely reducing heat loss, noise levels, rattles and draughts.

With now over 25 years in the sash window industry and as the original sash window company we are the market leader. We designed and developed the techniques which led to a revolution in this field of energy conservation. We help reduce your energy bills, carbon emissions while at the same time helping customers to maintain the character of and increase the value of their properties.

Our Sash Window Draught-proofing Service (SWDS) involves the following:

  • Releasing both sashes and taking them out to work on them
  • Shaving the sashes to fit, if required, to ensure a snug fit in their frames
  • Easing and waxing the edges of the sashes
  • Fitting replacement timber parting beads, which run between the sliding sashes
  • Fitting replacement timber parting bead across the box-frame head behind the top sash
  • Fitting replacement timber staff beads, which run behind the sashes
  • Fitting draught-proofing strip across the meeting rails
  • Fitting additional weights where necessary, if the sashes are not balanced correctly
  • Re-hanging the sashes on waxed sash cord

All the beads are fitted with inset brush draught-proofing strips with central dust fins and side anti-paint fins. The brush we install is normally grey, which we recommend, white can be fitted if requested, but from 25 years of experience white brush discolours very quickly with dirt and dust and grey brush installed 25 years ago looks the same today as the day it was installed.

Additional work where required can save a window and make it possible that it does not have to be replaced. Maybe individual sashes or sills need to be replaced.

Click here to see the research on the benefits of draught-proofing.