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For draught proofing that can cut your energy bills, call on

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It isn't just windows that need draught-proofing

Draught-proofing doors consists of installing moulded timber strips with incorporated draught-proofing around all types of doors (sides, head and brush across the base). The timber sections look as though they are part of the door frame. Letter plates are also be fitted.

Research into the effect of draught-proofing can be seen in the English Heritage tests on the thermal performance of timber sash windows, listed on the link below. This shows that after draught-proofing there was a reduction of air through a typical traditional sash window from 183m3/hr to just 26m3/hr, showing the enormous impact draught-proofing has on the ‘turn over’ of air in a room and hence the amount of times the air in the room needs to be heated, so not only affecting the comfort in the room but also your fuel costs.

Click here to see the research on the benefits of draught-proofing.